Note Cards

Here are some highlights of our note card line.

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thumb of boxed set

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Personalized note cards

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Add distinction to your correspondence with personalized text on the front of the card. These cards make great thank-yous for interviews, sales, gifts, or other special events.


Paper greeting cards have a tangible quality their electronic counterparts lack.

Boxed Sets

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Each of our boxed sets of Fine Art Cards contains 10 individually-made prints mounted on embossed, acid-free paper. Use them as stationery or frame them and give them as gifts.

Display Sets

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Don't throw your greeting cards away!

Each of our display sets comes with a free, ultra-clear vinyl folder. When you've sent all the cards in the set, use the folder to display the cards your friends send back.


Price List

Format Price Shipping

Premium Note Cards

Individual Card $1.95  
Set of 3 $4.95  
Box of 10 $12.00  
Persoalization (Minimum 1 box of 10 cards $15  

Premium Greeting Cards

Individual Card $2.95  
Set of 3 $7.95  
set of 6 with FREE Display Foder $14.00  
Box of 10 $16.00  

Fine Art Cards

Individual Card $3.95  
Set of 3 $10.00  
Set of 6 with FREE Display Folder $18.00  
Box of 10 $25.00.00  


Day of Jubilee $15.00
Dance in the Light $15.00  
High Wings $15.00  
Harp of Light $10.00  

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