The Trancendence Collection

The complete Trancendence collection is available by special order from Gallery North in Edmonds.


The shapes plants produce when they grow tell a story. These images celebrate th many stories plants tell.

thumb of Agave

Agave parryi

thumb of Cactus Stall

Cactus Stall

thumb of Crown of Spines

Crown of Spines

thumb of rosecat


thumb of Sunlight's Lily

Sunlight's Lily

thumb of rhododendron cascade

Rhododendron Cascade

thumb of ray of desert ight

Ray of Desert Light

thumb of Princes Rose

Princess Rose

thumb of Star Rose

Star Rose

thumb of Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Landscape Textures and Reflections

Textures give a space shape. Reflections make the space dance.

thumb of Summerview


thumb of King's College

King's College

thumb of Overlook


thumb of Desolation


thumb of River Cam Bridge

River Cam Bridge

thumb of Vancouver View

Vancouver View

thumb of The John Galt Line

The John Galt Line


These pictures sow the stages of germination in an Arabidopsis thaliana seed, barely half a millimeter long. They were photographed with a Leica dissecting microscope at 30-50X magnification using a dark field base.

thumb of Seed

Micro 1. Seed

thumb of Ejection

Micro 4. Ejection

thumb of Emergence

Micro 2. Emergence

thumb of Entanglement

Micro 5. Entanglement

thumb of Baby Green

Micro 3. Baby Green


This was the window display for Transcendence.

thumb of Cycad's World

Cycad's World

thumb of Head Streaming

Head Streaming

thumb of Fibonacci's Spring

Fibonacci's Spring

thumb of Inner Sun Spiral

Inner Sun Spiral

thumb of Spirals of Beyond

Spirals of Beyond

thumb of Tranquility Weave

Tranquility Weave

Chaotically Fractallicious!

Each of these images contains substantial fractal or chaotic components. In some cases, these are computer generated, in others they are natural (as in Labyrinth.

thumb of Singing Through Time

Singing Through Time

thumb of Firedance


thumb of Starshimmer Rev 2

Starshimmer Rev 2

thumb of Lightning Angel

Lightning Angel

thumb of Copper Crown

Copper Crown

thumb of Sea's Whimsy

Sea's Whimsy

thumb of Shrimp-tatic


thumb of Lifecode


thumb of Everywhere Spiral

Everywhere Spiral

thumb of Reflected Aurora

Reflected Aurora

Chaotically Fractallicious! 2

Here are a set of fractals and shapes with a medical theme, some for healing meditation and others because they are reminiscent of medical imaging.

thumb of GuitarTwist


thumb of Firestar


thumb of Medallion


thumb of FireWorks Spiral

FireWorks Spiral

thumb of Lights of Beyond

Lights of Beyond

thumb of Ornament


thumb of Stonescape


Audrey's Corner

Here are three pictures of the six foot tall corpse flower, the plant on which Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors is based.

thumb of Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower

thumb of Corpse Flower Ravine

Corpse Flower

thumb of Corpse Flower Ravine

Corpse Flower Ravine